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BD Serofuge Centrifuge

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Designed for blood cell washing and separation procedures.

BD Serofuge Centrifuge Model 2001 operates at 3400rpm (1000g RCF). BD Serofuge Centrifuge Model 2002 operates at 3400rpm (1000g RCF) or 2400rpm (500g RCF). All BD Serofuge Centrifuges have a digital display that indicates speed or time. The BD Serofuge Centrifuge 6-place rotor can accommodate six 13x100mm tubes or six 7mL or 10mL, 100mm BD Vacutainer blood collecting tubes. The BD Serofuge Centrifuge 12-place rotor can accommodate twelve 10x75mm Sero-Tubes, twelve 12x75mm Kahn tubes, six 5mL BD Vacutainer* tubes with stoppers, or twelve 5mL BD Vacutainer tubes without stoppers.

BD Serofuge Centrifuge Operating Temperature: Ambient

BD Serofuge Centrifuge Timer: 1 sec. to 99 min., 59 sec.

BD Serofuge Centrifuge Dimensions: 30.5H x 33D x 43W cm (12 x 13 x 17")

BD Serofuge Centrifuge Weight: 12.7 kg (37 lbs.)

Ordering Information: Supplied with a manufacturer's one-year parts and labor warranty. Notice: Centrifuges are shipped completely ready-to-use and include a 12-place rotor.

Serofuge Item No. Serofuge Description Electrical
420351 Model 2001 115V, 50/60Hz, 66W
420354 Model 2001 230V, 50/60Hz, 78W
420352 Model 2002 115V, 50/60Hz, 66W
420526 6-Place, Aluminum
420545 12-Place, Plastic

Item Numbers:

420351 - $3,269.00

420354 - $3,270.00

420352 - $3,274.00

Order BD Clay Adams Sero-Fuge 2000 Centrifuge from VGDINC. We offer BD Clay Adams Sero-Fuge 2000 Centrifuge to all Federal, State, University and Scientific agencies. BD Clay Adams Sero-Fuge 2000 Centrifuge is available at discounted prices for bulk orders and resellers. BD Clay Adams Sero-Fuge 2000 Centrifuge and all BD Centrifuge specifications are available via e-mail upon request. In addition to BD Clay Adams Sero-Fuge 2000 Centrifuge, please see our complete list of BD Centrifuges: Click Here