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BBL DrySlide Nitrocefin, Dryslide Nitrocefin, BD BBL Diagnostics, BD Diagnostics

BBL BD DrySlide Nitrocefin is used for detecting -lactamase production by bacteria. The chromogenic cephalosporin beta-lactamase test is a qualitative procedure for detecting the production of beta-lactamase by bacteria. The reaction is based on the production of a colored compound when the substrate, nitrocefin, is exposed to a -lactamase-producing culture. The enzyme, beta-lactamase, originally described by Abraham and Chain, is produced by various organisms and is a mechanism of their resistance to penicillins and cephalosporins. Test methods used to detect -lactamase include iodometric, acidimetric and chromogenic cephalosporin procedures..Some staphylococci may require induction (exposure to a -lactam agent) to increase production of beta-lactamase to detectable levels. According to standard references, any negative -lactamase test result from a non-induced stapylococcal isolate, despite the test method, should be confirmed by induction of the isolate and repeat testing. BBL BD DrySlide Nitrocefin employs nitrocefin, a cephalosporin compound first described by Glaxo Research (Middlesex, England), in the chromogenic cephalosporin test methodology. BBL BD DrySlide Nitrocefin discounts available for Government, Universities and resale orders.

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Order BBL BD DrySlide Nitrocefin from VGDINC. We offer BBL BD DrySlide Nitrocefin to all Federal, State, University and Scientific agencies. BBL BD DrySlide Nitrocefin is available at discounted prices for bulk orders and resellers. BBL BD DrySlide Nitrocefin and all BD Diagnostic and BBL Diagnostic specifications are available via e-mail upon request. In addition to BBL BD DrySlide Nitrocefin, please see our complete list of BD Diagnostic and BBL Diagnostics: Click Here

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